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Air filters in Cedar Rapids

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UV Treatment for decaying odors

"Recently I walked into one of our vacant offices and was over whelmed with the odor of a dead animal. Upon inspection I learned that two pigeons had died next to the air intake of the window air conditioner in the room and the decaying smell was being blown into the room by the air conditioner.

 We had the bodies of the birds removed, but the odor remained. Friday afternoon, Air Management learned of my problem and offered to remove the odor for a very reasonable fee. They dropped off equipment that afternoon and the smell was gone on Monday when we checked the room. 

I will certainly contact Air Management in the future for any odor problems. Their staff is fast, professional and very reasonable".

 Theresa BornbachCEO-Transitions Made Better

UV Treatment for body odors

Recently my teen age son went to summer camp for a week. We took the opportunity to rent a Sanuvox UV unit to remove the 'teenager' smell from his room. After a couple of days, the room smelled clean like the rest of our home. UV room treatment is amazing and Air Management knows how to fix air quality problems.  Scott -Father and homeowner

Solutions currently underwayUV Treatment for decaying food

Removal of finishing fumes in the office area of a manufacturing site. The portable UV unit has cleared the smell so well we are in the process of installing a unit in the main furnace to better treat the entire office area.

 Check back for final results.

Indoor air quality solutions

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UV Treatment for musty buildings\Chemical Smells

Two customers are currently renting our units to control musty smells in a very old commercial building and the other smells from an unknown source. Check back for final results.

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