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Mold Testing and Indoor Air QualityNAMRI

Mold inside a building is a symptom of a problem. The source of the problem needs to be fixed before remediation begins. 

Industry best practices suggest that Mold testing and Mold remediation be performed by two independent companies. Companies that test and clean up mold are encouraged to find Mold to increase sales for their business. We are a testing company only.

We are unbiased and do what's right for the property owner. If, during our mold inspection, we find mold, we will gladly refer you to several reputable business that can clean up the mold at affordable rates. 

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Residential Testing

Currently we do not perform testing for homeowners but hope to resume the service in the future.
Air Quality Testing

Commercial Mold Testing

Mold in Cedar Rapids commercial buildings is common. We can identify any types of mold and where the batches are growing. Once mold has been found we will take samples and send them to an accredited lab for testing to identify the type of mold that is present. After the mold has been identified we will suggest qualified remediation specialists. Once the treatment has taken place, the final step is to correct the moisture problem so that the mold never comes back
 Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Does your building have strange odors? Do people that work in your buildings complain about their clothes smelling. Are people getting sick? These are common symptoms of indoor air quality issues. Often, these are easy to fix and the solutions are inexpensive. Other times, they are symptoms of a larger hidden problem. We offer years of experience and a wide ray of solutions. If you have indoor air quality issues in Cedar Rapids, please contact us. 

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