Air Management

Residential and Commercial Services

We provide air quality and mold testing for residential as well as commercial and industrial accounts. Odor elimination is our specialty. Paint booths, waste treatment, dusty environments, mold, sick building syndrome, VOCs are just a few of the problems we have solutions to. Call us for a free consultation. We have the right air filtration solution for your needs. 

Air filters in Cedar Rapids

Commercial HVAC Filtration

For HVAC filtration we offers filters up to 99% efficiency in removing particles. In addition to standard filters, we offer HEPA, Charcoal, Electrostatic and Anti microbial filter options. We carry air filters from 25% efficient to 99.97% efficient air filters. We install and maintain hundreds of furnace filters Cedar Rapids.
Air Quality Testing

Mobile Test Laboratory

Air Management has a mobile air testing laboratory we can bring to your location for air quality testing of dust, mold sampling, odors and general air circulation issues. We also do commercial mold testing Cedar Rapids.
Equipment Rental Now Available for urgent needs Ultraviolet HVAC treatment

UV systems for Commercial and Industrial HVAC Systems

UV rays from the sun naturally destroy germs, mold and other allergens. Indoors, without the sun, these air problems are recirculated in buildings and and are passed from person to person. Ultra Violet treatment of the air indoors results in 99% of germ eradication. UV is also highly effective for removing smoke, grease and petroleum odors. While these units are deadly for germs, they do not pose a health threat to occupants of the building. We now have several units available for rent. Watch a short Video here or Call us for more information. (319) 363-7172

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Air Filter sales

Air Filters

We work with several of the leading manufacturers of air filters. We stock thousands of the most popular filter sizes. Non stock sizes are available in two days to two weeks. Custom sizes are also available. We also offer discount air filters Cedar Rapids.

Grease Filters

The FIRE PATROL grease filter is made from a unique roll formed baffle, designed to prevent flame from penetrating through the filter into the duct work. Two layers of equally spaced baffles create an air flow which gives unsurpassed performance in efficient grease removal. Smooth baffle surfaces cause a continuous run-off, allowing grease to be safely deposited in collection troughs.
 Designed to be used in grease hoods and fryers. Available in Heavy Commercial Aluminum "A", Hot Dip Galvanized "G", OR Stainless Steel "S"
Custom sizes are also available.    Click here to see our selection


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